International Mountain Guides and certified outdoor professionals for great adventures around Italy and the Alps

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide, to adventurers and outdoor sports addicted from all over the world, the best professional guiding service, where their experiences take place. Making: search, booking and payment easy, fast and secure.

Sustainable Travel

Our ideas are born based on our love and appreciation for the environment. We believe that tourism should minimize its negative impact and ideally even be beneficial to the area where it is taking place.

Local Professional Team

All of our activities are carefully chosen in order to maximize safety and quality. Our trusted, highly trained professional guides provide a top quality service level, while guiding you around in the best adventure destinations.


We help find your favourite activity with the best guides and outdoor professionals

Top Adventures With Local Professionals

Our great range of activities will best meet your desire for adventure immersed in nature and with the highest quality and safety standards provided by our collaborators.

Our offer includes professional support of UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guides, mountain bike and canyoning instructors, skippers and many other outdoor professionals.

Our trusted and carefully selected guides will help you save time and maximize fun. They take care about every detail. You just have to check the calendar and book your next adventure in your dreams place.

Simple Adventure Booking

Booking adventures should be as easy as buying a book. You can live a unique experience with one-click simple and secure booking process and easy payment for both individuals and groups.

Search from different activities and adventures, divided by categories and destinations. Adventurers of all ages can find what best suits their tastes and abilities.

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us to arrange your next trip.
We are happy to help you organize your weekend or your experience in your dreams natural location.

``You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”


We guarantee top quality activities with the best professional guides

We have been working for a long time, and now we are ready!

We are Horizon Adventures, a group of International Mountain Guides and certified outdoor experts that wants to help you to find top adventures and outdoor activities around the Alps and in the beautiful Italian territory easely.

Our wide offer let you choose between many exciting adventures, sharing the best spots to ride, climb, hike, ski or sail, in the most inspiring natural places, supported by professional guides, instructors and skippers that will turn your adventure in an unforgettable experience.

We want to promote a different way of travel living, assuring a low ambient impact and a greater awareness of the territory we are in. Thanks to our Mountain Guides and instructors, that are our selected collaborators, we can promise you the best quality in outdoor adventures.

Eco Adventures

We want to offer exciting outdoor activities that provide educational and enriching ecological experiences to adventurers of all ages. The purpose is to create positive, personal memories for participants while inspiring them to make a difference in our planet.

Why Horizon Adventures

Because we care about environment. Because you want to live great experiences. Because you like outdoor adventures. Beacause we avoid organized travels in boring villages and you want to discover how amazing is an outdoor adventure surrounded by nature.

Work with Locals

All our trips are unique experiences put together by experts, professional local guides and hosts. We ensure that all collaborators involved are not only big values persons and local experts, but also certified professionals for the adventures proposed in their own territory.

Expert Team

We are a team of young enthusiasts, with a congenital passion for the outdoors. With nature and environment health in mind, we want to promote an alternative way to organize travels, holidays and free time, with quality activities for every kind of adventurer.

Innovative Tours

We create our offers with adventurers in mind. We simplify the research process dividing activities by category and location and the possibility to have a "one click" booking and secure checkout payment. We offer a functional way to save precious time and to organize your next adventure.

Sustainable Travel

At Horizon we believe that sustainable travel means tourism without harming natural and cultural environments. Tourism should minimize its negative impact and ideally be beneficial to the area in which it takes place. We believe that everyone has a choice. This is our mission and our way of life.

Horizon History

We are a team of professionals and enthusiasts of the outdoor world. Since 10 years we share a love for nature and adventure activities. Our goal is to introduce a new way of living sport and outdoor and to promote local economy. And we want to do it with Horizon…

Core Values

We make sure to propose adventures and activities where your greatest expectations will be met. We are proud to collaborate with the best local guides and experts, to provide you an idyllic moment in the outdoors, focusing on quality, safeness, originality and sustainability.


People who always support and endorse our good work!

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