Adventures in Italy

Your next great adventure in Italy’s most inspiring places with IFMGA Guides, MTB Instructors and Skippers

Why Italy

Italy is considered one of the best countries in the World to practice outdoors activities. It offers a wide choice of possibilities when it comes to organizing adventures that are guaranteed to become lifetime memories.

If you are craving altitude and breath taking sceneries, Italian mountains will meet your every need! During the hot season you can go trekking and hiking in the wild Apennines valleys or mountaineering on the peaks of the Alps over 4000 m crossing glaciers. During the winter you can climb the steep walls of the Alps or go off-piste skiing in the most famous mountain ranges of Monte Bianco and Monte Rosa. You also have the possibility to arrange a ski touring trip in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites.

This goes without saying that you can go climbing all year or hiking on via ferratas.

Over 2000 km of coastline, long rivers of the plains fresh and clear alpine streams and great lakes are the magical setting for anyone who wishes to experience aquatic sports such as kayaking and rafting on rushing streams, canoeing the impenetrable springs of alpine creeks or fly fishing in crystal clear waters.

Due to its morphology, Italy is the perfect place to organize beautiful hut-to-hut treks, mountain bike tours or spend a few hours relaxing in the saddle of a horse in the Tuscan hills. There is a little something for everyone whether you are looking for calm scenic ascents, adrenaline rush descents or long and relaxing trips with a gorgeous scenery!

The added bonus is that while you are enjoying the outdoors, you also have the possibility to savour local dishes and spectacular wines from the world-renown Italian culinary tradition. If you book your adventure now, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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