Mountain bike tours in South Western Sardinia

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Sardinia, Italy
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About this activity

Mountain bike tours in South Western Sardinia.

The territory of the Sulcis Iglesiente is a paradise for those who love Mountain Biking. Here you can enjoy a wide range of tours with something at every level of difficulty.

We can support you in planning a tour that is tailored to your needs, skills and interests, making sure your biking is always safe and exciting. We can provide all the equipment you need, that is to say high quality mountain bikes, helmets, gloves and camel-bak.

Why should you visit “Sulcis Iglesiente”? Here the answers:

  • The Sulcis Iglesiente offers both mountain and sea landscapes, meaning that in the space of just a few kilometres you pass from forest scenery to wonderful coastal trails, all in a totally natural setting.
  • The Sulcis Iglesiente was once one of the most important mining areas in Europe. That means there is a great number of trails, tracks and dirt roads, making this area unique in terms of the variety of cycling tours it offers.
  • The landscape is particularly varied, as are the fauna and flora that inhabit Sardinia’s “geological-mining” parklands and the routes leading to the area’s many sites of interest.
  • Low population density and a strong cycling tradition mean the roads are relatively safe for cycling. The locals are accustomed to sharing the road with bikers.
  • You can choose from a large number of routes, difficulty levels, settings and destinations, according to your personal interests.
  • Historical, archaeological, nature or sports-based itinerary? It’s your choice.


  • Distance: from few hundreds of meters to many kilometers
  • Time: from few hours to multiple days
  • Technical Difficulty: from easy to advanced
  • Difficult level: from easy to advanced

Examples of itineraries – Half Day Tour

  • Marganai Forest and Corsi Lake
  • Sant’Antioco MTB Tour – Cycling by the Sea
  • Foresta Monti Mannu and Leni Lake
  • Villamassargia, Ortu Mannu, Orbai
  • Ferrovia Bécia
  • From Vallermosa to Villaggio Matzanni

Examples of itineraries – Full Day Tour

  • Domusnovas and Cala Domestica

Availability and Prices per Day

  • 1 pax: €120 per person per day
  • 2 pax: €65 per person per day
  • 3 pax: €50 per person per day
  • From 4 to 8 pax: €40 per person per day

Availability and Prices per Half Day

  • 1 pax: €90 per person per 1/2 day
  • From 2 to 3 pax: €45 per person per 1/2 day
  • From 4 to 8 pax: €40 per person per 1/2 day

Equipment Rental

We can also offer equipment rental. The equipment available for hire includes mountain bikes, helmets, gloves and camel-baks.

  • €15 per person per day

Custom Tours

Our tours are designed for you and with you. Just tell us your preferences, level and interests and we will plan the best trip for you. Half-day and one-day tours, which can fit into your holiday plans more easily, are also available.

We also offer basic lessons for beginners.

Combined Holidays. Experience a mix of Active Adventures.

The advantage of booking an adventure with us is that you can taste more than one sort of sports adventure. You can be riding a Mountain Bike one day, walking on our Trekking Tour the next and visiting the area’s best Climbing crags the day after that.


The price is intended per person and per day.


  • Full or Half day mountain biking with a professional certified Mountain Bike Guide
  • Liability insurance
  • Transport, tolls and petrol to the meeting point
  • The guides expenses that are split between the group members
  • Food and drink during the tour
  • Personal mountain biking equipment
  • Accommodation
  • Any other expenses

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Sardinia, Italy
From: €40,00


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