Punta Giordani 4046m Summit, Normal Route

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Monte Rosa, Italy
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About this activity

Punta Giordani Summit 4046m

Punta Giordani, situated in the Monte Rosa massif within the Pennine Alps, stands as one of the more accessible peaks above 4,000 meters. It lies along the ridge descending from Ludwigshöhe and, passing through Piramide Vincent, separates the upper Lys Valley from the upper Valsesia12. This mountain is an ideal choice for hikers who wish to ascend a peak above 4,000 meters without requiring specialized technical skills. Punta Giordani offers a high-altitude experience even for those without prior technical mountaineering knowledge.

From its summit, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of the South face of Monte Rosa. The panorama is truly awe-inspiring! If you’re looking for a rewarding hiking experience at high altitude, Punta Giordani won’t disappoint. Its proximity to the P.ta Indren lift station makes it a convenient choice for both beginners and seasoned hikers alike. Enjoy the breathtaking vistas and the thrill of reaching a 4,000-meter peak!

Monte Rosa, with its innumerable peaks over 4000 meters, will be the setting for this mountaineering ascent in the heart of the Alps.

Our IFMGA Guides will take care of all climb details, maximizing safety and fun.


  • Trip duration: 1 Day
  • Period: from June to September
  • Accommodation: is a day tour
  • Meeting point: Staffal (Gressoney) or Alagna, cable car office
  • Skill level: beginner mountaineer
  • Fitness level: easy
  • Trip level: easy
  • Equipment: see the equipment list in FAQ’s section


If you are a mountaineer who is discovering the peaks of the Giants of the Alps, but you don’t want to undertake technically difficult climbs, this is definitely the summit for you! We will take the Indren cable car and we will start on a roped team across the suggestive Monte Rosa glaciers. Surrounded by the 4000 meters of the Massif, such as Pyramide Vincet, Lyshamm, Naso del Lyskamm, Balmenhorn, Corno Nero and several others, you will reach the Punta Giordani summit, from where you will have one of the most stunning views of the area.


Climb Punta Giordani summit by the Regular Route is not technically difficult. Despite this, good physical fitness and altitude training are required. To guarantee the ascent we require the ability to face excursions of at least 1000m with ease, so as not to have problems on the day of the ascent. The high altitude can affect the performance of the climbers, having some experience at altitude or good acclimatization will make the ascent easier.

Prices and availability

The leading Guide is a fully certified IFMGA Mountain Guide or Aspirant Mountain Guide.

  • 1 pax: €420
  • 2 pax: €230 per person
  • 3 pax: €170 per person
  • 4 pax: €135 per person
  • 5 pax: €120 per person

Clothing and equipment

To climb Punta Giordani we recommend high altitude, summer mountaineering clothing. Mountaineering boots suitable for crampons. Harness, crampons, ice ace, helmet, sling and a carabiner, poles if needed. Try to carry backpack as light as possible. Functional clothing for the day is usually enough. We suggest a 30-35 lt. backpack. Please take some snacks and drinks with you.


Punta Giordani is an ascent of intermediate technical commitment, in case you want to undertake the climb, we recommend that you contact us and discuss the details and the program with our guides before the expedition.


  • Services of IFMGA Mountain Guide
  • Liability insurance
  • Group gear and Spare equipment
  • Transport, tolls and petrol to the meeting point
  • Cable car to Indren and back also for the Guide
  • Food and drinks
  • Mountaineering equipment (see the list in FAQs section)
  • Any other expenses

Optional Extras

  • Special price on mountaineering equipment


We’ll gather at Staffal around 7:00 a.m. for our exciting journey. First, we’ll perform an equipment check to ensure everything is in order. Cable Car Ride: Our adventure begins as we board the cable car, ascending to Punta Indren. Exiting the cable car station, we’ll don our crampons and rope. Our path leads us along the Indren Glacier, a pristine expanse of ice and snow. About halfway up, we’ll encounter a small rocky outcrop—the perfect spot for a well-deserved rest. Here, we can refuel with snacks and take in the awe-inspiring surroundings. The air is crisp, and the silence of the high mountains envelops us. The last 5 meters of our ascent are on solid rock. As we approach the summit, our guide will offer tips and encouragement. With each step, the anticipation grows. And then, suddenly, there she is—the Madonna of the summit, standing proudly atop Punta Giordani. Our descent follows the same route, retracing our steps back to the cable car station. The journey down offers a chance to reflect on our achievement and savor the memories of this remarkable climb.

Frequently asked questions

  • Technical equipment (these items can be rented): harness, helmet, ice axe, crampons, mountaineering boots.
  • Personal equipment: 30 litre backpack, 1 litre thermos, provisions (energy bars, chocolate, dried fruit, sandwiches), first aid kit, sun glasses (protection factor 3 or 4), goggles, gore-tex jacket and overpants, windstopper vest, gaiters, mountain pants, fleece jacket, breathable base layers, lightweight gloves, thick gloves, warm hat, bandana, sun screen factor 50.

No particular mountaineering preparation is required. Our Guides will take care of providing all the details necessary to face the climb in safety. We ask for good physical preparation and the ability to face a difference in altitude of at least 1000m with ease.

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Monte Rosa, Italy
From: €120,00


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