Corno Nero & Ludwigshohe 4000m peaks

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Monte Rosa, Italy - Switzerland
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About this activity

Corno Nero 4321m & Ludwigshohe 4342m

Corno Nero, a charming peak, stands proudly within the Monte Rosa massif. Despite its modest height, it offers a delightful ascent experience. The proximity of Corno Nero to other peaks and its straightforward access from the Lys Glacier make it an excellent choice for a day tour. As you ascend, the glacier beneath your feet reveals its icy contours, and the final ridge provides a sense of accomplishment.

Ludwigshöhe, another gem in the Monte Rosa range, beckons mountaineers with its non-technical ascent. The route begins at the Colle del Lys, where a gentle snowy ridge leads to the Ludwigshöhe summit. From Ludwigshöhe’s top, feast your eyes on the iconic Matterhorn, standing majestically nearby. These peaks, conveniently close to each other, invite you to explore their beauty and conquer them in a single day.

You have to know

  • Trip duration: 1 Day
  • Period: from June to September
  • Meeting point: Staffal (Gressoney) or Alagna, cable car office
  • Skill level: beginner mountaineer
  • Fitness level: intermediate
  • Trip level: easy
  • Equipment: see the equipment list in FAQ’s section
  • Trip duration: Up: 4:00/4:30 hours 1150m – Down: 2:30 hours 1150 m


An easy technical climb, the Corno Nero and Ludwigshohe offer those taking their first steps at high altitude an unforgettable experience.

From the top we will be able to enjoy a breathtaking panorama despite the fact that the climb does not present significant technical difficulties.

You will be followed by our IFMGA Guides who will take care of giving you a 360-degree experience.

Corno Nero and Ludvigshohe is the perfect trip for future aspiring climbers!


No particular mountaineering preparation is required. Our Guides will take care of providing all the details necessary to face the climb in safety. We ask for good physical preparation and the ability to face a difference in altitude of at least 1200m with ease.

Prices and availability

The leading Guide is a fully certified IFMGA Mountain Guide or Aspirant Mountain Guide.

  • 1 pax: €455
  • 2 pax: €235 per person
  • 3 pax: €170 per person

Clothing and equipment

We recommend summer mountaineering clothing. Mountaineering boots suitable for crampons. Harness, crampons, ice ace, helmet, sling and a carabiner, poles if needed. Try to carry backpack as light as possible. Functional clothing for the day. We suggest a 30-35 lt. backpack. Please take some snacks and drinks with you.


This is an ascent of intermediate technical commitment, in case you want to undertake the climb, we recommend that you contact us and discuss the details and the program with our guides before the expedition.


  • Services of IFMGA Mountain Guide
  • Liability insurance
  • Group gear and Spare equipment
  • Transport, tolls and petrol to the meeting point
  • Cable car to Indren and back also for the Guide
  • Food and drinks
  • Mountaineering equipment (see the list in FAQs section)
  • Any other expenses

Optional Extras

  • Special price on mountaineering equipment rental


Our day begins in Staffal, where we’ll rendezvous with our guide at approximately 7:00 a.m.. First on the agenda: an equipment check to ensure we’re well-prepared for the ascent. We’ll board the cable car, ascending to Punta Indren. The ride offers glimpses of the surrounding peaks, building anticipation for our climb. Exiting the cable car station, we’ll set off in the direction of the Gnifetti hut. The path leads us along the Lys Glacier, a pristine expanse of ice and snow. Close to the hut, we’ll pause for a longer break. Here, we’ll don our crampons and rope. Our next destination lies between two summits—the Colle Zurbriggen. Ludwigshöhe Ascent: We’ll tackle the first peak—Ludwigshöhe. The climb involves a fairly steep snow slope, leading to its summit snow ridge.  Descending back to the col, we’ll ascend the steep slope just above us—Corno Nero. Fortunately, well-trodden footprints usually guide the way. The final push rewards us with the summit. Our descent retraces the same route, leading us back to the cable car station.

Up 4:00/4:30 hours 1150m – Down 3:00 hours 1150 m

Frequently asked questions

Technical equipment (these items can be rented): harness, helmet, ice axe, crampons, mountaineering boots. Personal equipment: 30 litre backpack, 1 litre thermos, provisions (energy bars, chocolate, dried fruit, sandwiches), first aid kit, sun glasses (protection factor 3 or 4), goggles, gore-tex jacket and overpants, windstopper vest, gaiters, mountain pants, fleece jacket, breathable base layers, lightweight gloves, thick gloves, warm hat, bandana, sun screen factor 50.

No particular mountaineering preparation is required. Our Guides will take care of providing all the details necessary to face the climb in safety. We ask for good physical preparation and the ability to face a difference in altitude of at least 1200m with ease.

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Monte Rosa, Italy - Switzerland
From: £147.90


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